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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today's Junko's Brunch Talk

Yesterday's dance lessons at Resobox was full of joy. I can't believe I have so much fun dancing with my students.

I am teaching three days a week lately, including two students that come to my home and take private lessons. We all practicing to perform at the Spring Cherry Blossom festivals.

This year, we will specially perform a piece titled Shoshun No Mai (a dance for early Spring) while carrying Cherry flowers in one hand. This dance piece was originally created by Master Nosho Sensei of the Nosho-Kai Ryukyu Dance School to celebrate the Spring time.

Today, my brunch menu also took only 5 minutes to cook. The turkey omelette with green pepper turned out to be a bit over-cooked and weirdly shaped, but it was tasty with a potato-and-tomato miso soup and brown rice.

I like simple meals, both to cook and to eat.


My favorite Okinawan song of the day:
Ms. Keiko Higa who is one of four sisters of "Deigo Musume" folk group, organizes a new folk group called Shu-Bi-Zu:

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