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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Photos from yesterday's Show

Here are some photos from yesterday's "Hajichi" program.
I was reviewing my speech at JAA

With a dancer Ms. Haruka came from Okinawa
With Mr. Shingaki
He is a stage actor came from Okinawa
and husband of  Ms. Haruka
With Ms. Sumiko Kitajima
Thank everyone who joined the program!
See you soon.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Preparation of Today's Hajichi Program


「針突」ぬ成功 にがやびら。
I just completed a draft of my MC's speech.

I am so excited to host the "Hajichi" program tonight.

It is unfortunate that we can accept limited audience for the show which will be hold  at JAA facility.

I have a special feeling for tonight's show, which is titled 'Hajichi,' meaning 'Tatoo' in the Okinawan language.


on the back of a woman's hand were an expression of their status in traditional Okinawa.
My late grandmother had such tattoos on her hands; I'm not sure I can watch Sumiko Kitajima's performance without crying.

Well, I am the MC, so I won't cry.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Full House: A Review

Hi,  I went to see the FULL HOUSE tonight .
There wasn't a FULL HOUSE on opening night, but I enjoyed the show very much.
This was the first time I ever went to see Shinpa Geki.
I enjoyed Taro Hanabusa's stage makeup scene very much, since the theater was small and I was sitting in the second row and his makeup table was set up in front of my seat.
It was quite interesting to me, since I also offer a makeup program as part of my 90-minute lecture.
Standing at the door of the theater on the way out afterward, I asked some other audience members how they liked the show. They said they enjoyed the makeup scene in particular.
The program itself was about 80 minutes.
Hanabusa performed a traditional dance with a fan!
(I wanted to see one more dance from him.)
It was a funny and enjoyable show.
I recommend seeing it.
Taro Hanabusa
Takahide Okamoto
Reiko Yamaguchi
Sakura Hinuma
Marie Saito
Maki Sato
Yukari Nakajima
Written by Masako Sato

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kimono Kitsuke Lesson

Today is kimono lesson day for me.
A theme of today's lesson is try to tie four different kinds of Obi on one kimono.
 I dressed in a dark-blue silk kimono called Iro Muji with Sagami Shishu (Embroidery).
   Orange Nagoya Obi

Heian Period Vintage Obi

Ryukyu Bingata Obi
Nishijin Brocade Obi

Lesson, Lesson and Lesson

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review of Taiko Za Recital

I was so impressed with Taikoza's performance tonight.
There were only four female drummers and Marco Lienhard and a dancer.
The special guest Ichiro Jishoya's drumming was very different in technique, and I enjoyed his drum performance very much.  Surprisingly, Mr. Jishoya performed on the piano, too.

Program No. 7 "Nostalgia" Piano + Shakuhachi song was unique to me.
According to the program: Nostalgia song is about the joy of the reunion with
Marco after 25 years. They had last played together at Symphony Hall in Boston.
EISA was written in the last half of the program,
however, Marco played a song called "Shima Uta"  with his Shakuhachi instead.
I did like Marco's arrangement of Shima Uta for the Shakuhachi.
I was amazed that Marco could continue hitting the drum for SO LONG and
all of a sudden, he picks the Shakuhachi and plays!
He played Shinobue, too.
Taikoza's program was full of energy and fun.
Here are some photos from tonight's Taikoza performance.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Upcoming Performances in New York City

 I would like to inform you of details on the Japanese traditional performing arts programs
that will be held this month!

Performance I

Taiko Za LIVE New York Concert
Sunday, September 15 at 7:00 pm
Symphony Space
Please visit: Symphony

Special guest : Ichiro Jishoya


Performance II 

 Mr. Taro Hanabusa,  a Japanese Onnagata performer presents a comedy show.
Sept. 25 - Sept. 29
8:00 pm except Sunday 29, 3:00 pm
 Theater for the NY
155 1st Ave. at 10 Street
Fees: $15.00
Performance III

Saturday, September 28
at 7:00 pm the door opens at 6:30 pm
"Hajichi" by Sumiko Kitajima
Okinawan actress presents a drama called "Hajichi"
Okinawan traditional music and dance also will be performed
at JAA
15 West 44th Street (5th & 6th Avenue)11FL

I will be the host (MC) for the program, and hope to see you at JAA!





Today I went to JAA building for our first meeting for the program of
the Hajichi show.
We had a productive meeting.

Fifth Avenue was so busy as usual.
Here are photos of Fifth Avenue today.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ebina Kenichi on the Americans Got Talent

Kenichi Ebina moves on to the finals!
I am so happy to see Kenichi Ebina appear on the Americas Got Talent TV program.
Ebina performed at the Wang Center during the Long Island Sakura Matsuri twice over the last few years. I performed immediately after he did, so I was lucky enough to be able to watch his dance from off-stage.
He is an amazing dancer, who moves in inhuman ways.
He is an exciting choreographer who creates original characters.
 He is a professional showman who can offer what audiences enjoy.
I voted for him on Tuesday night, the first time I have done such a thing.
Bravo, Ebina san!


I created another bag with Nishijin Obi brocade, and will list the bag on my website soon!

I highly recommend this bag.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Koromo Gae (changing wardrobe)

It is a time to change wardrobe from summer to fall.
My closet is full with kimono,
 I am creating inventory list of my wardrobe.

Kimono for fall season, ready to wear.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Flat Bag

 Happy September!
I am working on my new bag this weekend and would like to introduce a new bag.
This bag will be listed on my website and Etsy page soon!