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Friday, March 29, 2013

Review of SANBASO.

I would like to review yesterday's Sanbaso held at
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum rotunda.

I liked the costume of Mansai Nomura. 
Mansai's costume matched the art exhibited behind the stage.  

I focused mostly watching Mansai's foot work.
Mansai stomped as many as 100 times during his 45-minute performance of the SANBASO.

The SANBASO performance was divided into three parts:
 Prologue: Mansai performed with a fan in his left hand.
 Middle: Mansai performed putting on a black mask of old man and the fun.
Epilogue: Mansai took off the mask and carry a bell in his
right hand and the fun.

Noh music medley (nohgaku Hayashi)
Fue (noh flute): Rokurobyoe Fujita
Ko-tsuzumi (small hand drum): Atsushi Ueda
O-tsuzumi (large hand drum): Keinosuke Okura

Sanbaso: Mansai Nomura
Senzai: Kazunori Takano
Koken (Stagehand): HaruoTsukizaki
Ji-Utai (Chorus): Ren Naito, Hiroharu Fukada, Shuichi Nakamura
Fue : Fokurobyoe Fujita
Ko-tsuzumi : Yotaro Uzawa
Waki-tsuzumi (second small hand drum): Kensaku Araki, Atsushi Ueda
O-tsuzumi: Keinosuke Okura 

Set and Sanbaso costume design: Hiroshi Sugimoto
Lighting design: Rie Ono
Stage Construction: Watoku Ueno
Production: Odawara Arts Foundation

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Preview of Sanbaso, Kyogen Performance

Hi, today is very exciting day for me because I got an invitation to see the Sanbaso which will be performed today at the Guggenheim Museum. 
It will be the first time for me to see a live performance of Mr. Mansai Nomura. 


Stamping Sanbasō 狂言三番叟(さんばそう)

There's one more important role for kyōgen actors that hasn't been mentioned yet: Sanbasō, which is part of the ceremonial piece OkinaOkina, which is often called "the noh that isn't a noh," celebrates the emperor's peaceful reign, the safety of the nation, and a bountiful harvest. As such it holds a venerated position within the noh world as a petition to the gods. The kyōgen actor carries a box containing the masks used in the performance, and dances the dance Sanbasō, which is a prayer for blessing. (Depending on the shite school involved, the kyōgen actor may also play the role of a young man named Chitose [Thousand Years].)
Sanbasō is the main role in the second half of Okina, after the old man Okina exits. The actor begins by dancing the momi no dan (rubbing section), after which he dons a black, old man's mask and dances the suzu-no-dan (bell tree section). The choreography involves a great deal of stamping, and there are also mimed movements that portray the sowing of fields. The actors are thought to become gods as they perform their dances of supplication. Kyōgen performers use the verb "stamp," not "dance," to describe what they do when they perform Sanbasō.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mr. Seijin Noborikawa

Mr. Seijin Noborikawa, one of the greatest folk musician of Okinawa, has passed away on March 19.
He was 80 years old. I am fan of Noborikawa's songs and would like to introduce one of his songs today.

Naritai Bushi


 うぐいし  に な や い  んぞが寝 座 し ち ぬ
 Uguishi   ni  na- ya i    nzoga ni za shi chi nu 

 ガクなか に  宿 う てぃ 暮 し  ぶさ ぬ
 Gakunaka-  i    ya du ti   kurashi  bu-sa nu

うかし  むんやさすくちなむん 
Ukashi-munyasa shikuchinamun

すくちなむんやさ くちびけ  い
Shikuchina munyasa kuchibike  i

Thank you Seiji san for creating beautiful songs and playing wonderful Sanshin for us!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Performance Photo Part 3

Here are the photos from yesterday's program.

Ryukyu Dance (Okinawa Dance) and Music

Program 4. Male Court Dance

Changing costume from female character to male character 

Program 5: Female Zo dance

Program 6: Sanshin performance 

Program 7: Dance workshop 

Greeting with Ms. Camara, the director of Lotus Music and Dance

Thank you Camara for your support!

Performance Photo 2

Here are the photos from yesterday's program.

Ryukyu Dance (Okinawa Dance) and Music

Program 2: Wakashu (Youth) Court Dance

Program 3: Female Court Dance
Changing costume from Wkashu Kuti Bushi to Yotsudake

Performance Photos Part 1

Thank you all very much for joining yesterday's program. 

Here are the photos from the program,
Ryukyu Dance (Okinawa Dance) and Music, 
90-minute lecture and demonstration,
held at the Asian American Writers Workshop studio.


Program 1: Make up

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Preview of One-woman Show

Hi, Happy Sunday!

I would like to inform details of the program of my upcoming show on March 10. Sunday.

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Please join me!


Stage make up

Wakashu Kuti Busi


Nubui Kuduchi

Nuchi Bana

Paradise Urumajima
Ashibi Na
Basho Fu

Dance Workshop 

If you would like to join the program, please contact me at
Lotus Music and Dance.



Friday, March 1, 2013

Ryukyu Shimpo, New York Times Travel Show Report

I have performed at the New York Times Travel Show on Jan. 19th.


【アメリカ】NY観光博に沖縄色 「貫花」「四つ竹」披露、民謡も好評2013年2月25日     
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