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Friday, August 26, 2011

Behind the scenes photo album 2007-2010 Part I

I started my blog this April, and have never taken the opportunity to introduce my activities before, so below are some photos related to my culture promotion activities during 2007 and 2010.

Japanese Association of Long Island
New Year Gala, Jan. 2007
with Ms. Yoko Ojima
Dance workshop at the New Year Gala

Dance workshop at Ryu Shu Kan Dojo,
Long Island
Lecture of songs
Feb. 2007

Dance workshop at an Elementary school in Long Island. Gerry demonstrated Taiko, Hiroko demonstrated Japanese Koto, and I demonstrated Okinawan dance to young students.

Maggi Yamamoto greeted me with her friend after the LI Library Recital. 2007

LI Sakura Matsuri, the Wang Center.
Okinawan friends came to see the stage
May 2007

White Plains Sakura Festival, April 2007
Bon odori after the stage performances

Demonstration of Drum dance at the Japanese Learning Center, Westchester

Long Island Asian Cultural Festival
March, 2008
I presented a handbag booth

Japanese Culture Day at an elementary school in Westchester NY
April 2008
with Ms. Helen, Fujima Ryu dance school

finale with  members of Fujima Ryu dance school, April 2008

White Plains Sakura Festival
May 2008
with Ms. Eiko

Junko was interviewed by a reporter of Martial Arts magazine at the Cherry Blossom festival.

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