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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Collaboration of Ballet & Okinawan Traditional Dance

Allow me to offer a copy of an article in Ryukyu Shimpo, one of the big newspapers of Okinawa.

I truly wanted to go back to Okinawa to see this stage performance called "Ryukyu No Kaze" - "a wind of Ryukyu," in English translation which is the performance of collaboration of Ballet dancers and Okinawan traditional dancers.  Three of the top male actors/dancers/entertainers from Miyagi Ryu School, Michihiko Kakazu, Jinichi Uza and Shigeo Miyagi, are in the cast of Ryukyu No Kaze; they also perform the Kumi Odori (組踊):

In Okinawa, I think it is beautiful that Kumi Odori actors can perform with many performing arts groups and they are allowed to expand their creativity on their talents and perform from at venues ranging form local theaters to the National Theater of Kumi Odori. Okinawan performing arts are exciting to see, offering a wide range of dance and music styles, including Classical song and dance and folk dance and songs together on one stage, dynamically arranged to entertain both adults and children.

バレエと融合 時空超え 琉球の風~琉球クリエイティブと琉球舞踊2011年10月19日  このエントリーを含む delicious  Yahoo!ブックマークに登録

Saturday, October 15, 2011

TV interview

Today, I demonstrated some dances and workshop and Sanshin play during a TV interview. The studio where we were shooting for the TV program was Resobox, Inc. -
The shooting took from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm.
Here are a couple of photos from today' s event. 
I will inform you all about the details about when the TV program will air, as quickly as they inform me.

                                                         With my students Yuri and Satoka.

Before the lesson

With director and reporter

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ryukyu Shimpo, Okinawan Newspaper, Article Coverage of Junko!

I would like to inform you all of an article in the Ryukyu Shimpo written by Mr. Tome, a local reporter based on California.  Mr. Tome is reporting numerous articles regarding Okinawan people living in the USA. He has written about my dance activities in the past as well.
Sorry that today's article is available in Japanese only. The article is about my dancing participation in the IYF World Camp/World Cultural Convention held September 1st in Huntington, Long Island, New York.
【アメリカ】長浜さん鳩間節披露 紅型身にまとい沖縄紹介2011年10月10日  このエントリーを含む delicious  Yahoo!ブックマークに登録
(The people behind me in the photo are part of a Chinese Dragon Dance Team. Photo by LFisher)


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Have you ever seen my dance?

I just up loaded Miyagi Ryu Nosho-kai Ryukyu dance performances on YouTube, click below and enjoy them.

My friend, Mamiko in Colorado, sent me a picture of beautiful Autumn yellow leaves.
I would like everybody share nice view in Colorado. Thank you Mamiko san for sharing this nice view with us.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Mexico Performance Tour Part 3

Our performance at the State Fair in Albuquerque, New Mexico was successful. I enjoyed the company very much, and Okinawan people in Albuquerque were very friendly; it felt like being home in Okinawa.
There is also an annual baloon festival held in Albuquerque during October (which started today).
I couldn't stay that long there, but went to a souvenier shop in Old Town and took some pictures of Baloons.


With Gina at El Pinto restaurant
The picture one the wall behind me shows Hillary Clinton in a blue jacket, while 
another picture shows President Obama. Quite a famous resturant!

Another wall photo at the El Pinto restaurant, showing former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson holding one of their smaller peppers with the owners.

Famous M restaurant in Albuquerque near mountain

Behind the stage, ready to perform

Big stage, Mexican Pavilion on Sept. 21

Albuquerque Watermelon-- the nearest mountain is called Sandia, which is Spanish for watermelon.

Post Box

Souveniers from New Mexico (note the Balloon Fiesta salsa from El Pinto!).
The New Mexico coffee is delicious.

Thank you so much for your hospitality in Albuquerque, speical thanks to Bob san for taking nice video of our performances.

That is the end.

New Mexico Performance Tour Part 2

Junko, Gina, Noriko, Sanae at Town Fair on Sept. 17th

Kazuko and Junko at an African stage, State Fair on Sept. 22

Mamiko and Junko

Mamiko, Sanae, Kazuko

Main Stage area, State Fair

New Mexico Performance Tour Part 1

Hi, Happy October. October is my birthday month.
Today I would like to show some pictures of my trip to New Mexico. I performed at annual State Fair of New Mexico (Sept. 10-Sept. 25) with the member of Nosho-kai Ryukyu Dance group in New Mexico. The sunset in Albuquerque was beautiful. Nice place to live.

Kazuko and Junko with Yotsudake (Udui Kwadesa) costume

Afternoon walking near Sanae's home. The mountain is called Sandia in Spanish
which means watermelon. The mountain looks red in the evening like watermelon.

El Pinto Mexican restaurant (uchiage party)

So spicy !

Red papers of El Pinto

 Spices in a shop Chili Patch, Old Town