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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Full House: A Review

Hi,  I went to see the FULL HOUSE tonight .
There wasn't a FULL HOUSE on opening night, but I enjoyed the show very much.
This was the first time I ever went to see Shinpa Geki.
I enjoyed Taro Hanabusa's stage makeup scene very much, since the theater was small and I was sitting in the second row and his makeup table was set up in front of my seat.
It was quite interesting to me, since I also offer a makeup program as part of my 90-minute lecture.
Standing at the door of the theater on the way out afterward, I asked some other audience members how they liked the show. They said they enjoyed the makeup scene in particular.
The program itself was about 80 minutes.
Hanabusa performed a traditional dance with a fan!
(I wanted to see one more dance from him.)
It was a funny and enjoyable show.
I recommend seeing it.
Taro Hanabusa
Takahide Okamoto
Reiko Yamaguchi
Sakura Hinuma
Marie Saito
Maki Sato
Yukari Nakajima
Written by Masako Sato

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