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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Today's Dance Lesson No. 4: Nubui Kuduchi

Today, I would like to introduce a classical dance called "Nubui Kuduchi".
Nubui Kuduchi dance is the most well know Nisai Odori (young man's dance) repertoire. 
The dance is created after Ryukyu come under the domination of Satsuma in 1609. 
Members of the Ryukyuan nobility were obliged to travel to Satsuma and Edo 
on official business.
The text of Nubui Kuduchi describes the journey between Shuri to Kagoshima. 


1.旅ぬ出で立つ観音堂 先手観音伏し拝で 黄金酌取て立ち別る
2.袖にふる露押し払い 大道松原歩み行く 行けば八幡崇元寺
3.美栄地高橋打渡て 袖を連ねて諸人の 行くも帰るも中の橋
4.沖の側まで親子兄弟 連れて別ゆる旅衣 袖と袖とに露涙
5.船のとも綱疾く解くと 船子勇みて真帆引けば 風やまともに午末
6.またも巡り逢う御縁とて 招く扇や三重城 残波岬も後に見て
7.伊平屋渡立つ波おしそえて 道の島々見渡せば 七島渡中も灘安く
8.燃える煙や硫黄が島 佐多の岬にはい並で エイ
あれに見ゆるは御開門 富士に見まがふ桜島

The style of the Nisai Odori, the costume generally employed is black kimono emblazoned with the clan crest, worn short for travel. with black and white leggings, white tabi socks. The headband is tied at the forehead while a variety of hand implements such as fans, along with brisk, sharply cut moves that emphasize stability of the lower body. 

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