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Friday, November 16, 2012

Sanshin Lesson Three

This month, I am practicing a song called "Uruwashi No Ryukyu" (beautiful Ryukyu). I couldn't find a Kun-Kun-Shi music sheet of the song, so I asked a friend to write one up for me. I also like to use this YOUTUBE video of this song as a reference guide for playing it on the sanshin:

I especially like the song because it refers to Zampa Misaki (Cape Zampa) in Yomitan village, where I grew up.

Uruwashino Ryukyu

八重の潮路に 朝虹たちて 麗しの琉球          ああ あこがれ遠く
Yae no shioji ni    asaniji tachite   uruwashi no Ryukyu  ah-ah- akogare tooku

残波岬の             アダンの葉に 旅のこころ       若きこころ     南風はそよぐよ 琉球
Zampa Misaki no  Adan bani            tahbi no kokoro   wakaki kokoro   hae wa soyoguyo   Ryukyu

I tune my sanshin strings to B flat-E flat -B flat  for this song with Honchoshi.

There are many songs I would like to perform in public, but I can't find  Kun-Kun-Shi for them; they don't seem to be published. For some songs, I could listen to them on CD and write out sheet music by myself, but I find it a little difficult to write our the sheet music for this song.

My next song to study will be Deigo Ondo, written by Antei Tamaki. It is an another fun song, and the song is also used for the music of the Eisa Taiko dance in Zakimi, Yomitan Village.

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