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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Scene from Minnesota Trip

I came back to New York tonight. 

Here are some photos from my trip. 

leave New York

Minneapolis airport

Lantern Lighting Festival
Mikaharu kai members

Chura Okinawa Sanshin Kai in Minnesota

with the Sanshin kai members

so many people joined the lantern lighting event

kimono shop

main stage program
high school students came from Nagasaki 
demonstrated a folk dance called "Nagasaki Burabura" 

Nagasaki Kenban
Dance by Geisha from Nagasaki

with Geisha and a Shamisen/song performer

So many people visited the Bon dance festival (Lantern Lighting) 
on Sunday, Aug. 23rd

Amazing !

Hanagasa (flower dance hat) made by 
Mikaharu Kai


Welcome party with Minnesota friends
Monday, 24th
I demonstrated seven dances at the party


New York

Thank you for inviting me to the events 
in Minnesota.
See you all again soon!

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