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Friday, March 29, 2013

Review of SANBASO.

I would like to review yesterday's Sanbaso held at
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum rotunda.

I liked the costume of Mansai Nomura. 
Mansai's costume matched the art exhibited behind the stage.  

I focused mostly watching Mansai's foot work.
Mansai stomped as many as 100 times during his 45-minute performance of the SANBASO.

The SANBASO performance was divided into three parts:
 Prologue: Mansai performed with a fan in his left hand.
 Middle: Mansai performed putting on a black mask of old man and the fun.
Epilogue: Mansai took off the mask and carry a bell in his
right hand and the fun.

Noh music medley (nohgaku Hayashi)
Fue (noh flute): Rokurobyoe Fujita
Ko-tsuzumi (small hand drum): Atsushi Ueda
O-tsuzumi (large hand drum): Keinosuke Okura

Sanbaso: Mansai Nomura
Senzai: Kazunori Takano
Koken (Stagehand): HaruoTsukizaki
Ji-Utai (Chorus): Ren Naito, Hiroharu Fukada, Shuichi Nakamura
Fue : Fokurobyoe Fujita
Ko-tsuzumi : Yotaro Uzawa
Waki-tsuzumi (second small hand drum): Kensaku Araki, Atsushi Ueda
O-tsuzumi: Keinosuke Okura 

Set and Sanbaso costume design: Hiroshi Sugimoto
Lighting design: Rie Ono
Stage Construction: Watoku Ueno
Production: Odawara Arts Foundation

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