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Friday, April 27, 2012

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

My new project started yesterday. 
A well-known modern dance choreographer asked me for intensive instruction in Ryukyu dance. 
I went to the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council ( yesterday, and instructed a dancer for 
four hours.
 This is the first time for me to join such a project, in which I have to commit to a teaching schedule of more than 40 hours over 4 weeks which is an "Intensive Training." project. 

Lately, I am quite busy traveling here and there, and I am commuting with my car usually, but this particular project is taken place in Lower Manhattan, which I have to take subways to reach. 
I live in New York City, but it takes more than one hour to get to the Wall Street area, where the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council is located. 
The greatest excitement for me in joining this project is that I can see how a professional dancer learns Okinawan dance (officially we call Ryukyu Dance); how he improves daily through my intensive training. 
I feel that I grow through teaching, and I find it interesting to see how I grow from teaching any particular student, and ever more so when I'm teaching someone who already is a professional dancer. 

Lately, I feel that I am lucky to be Okinawan and to have mastered Okinawan dance, so that
I can teach Okinawan history as the framework underlying Okinawan traditional dance, which helps to bring the modern dancer and myself one step closer together. 

昨日から、Lower Manhattan Cultural Councilにてモダン創作舞踊家に沖縄舞踊を指導するという新たなプロジェクトへの参加が始まりました。4週間で40時間以上の集中指導(Intensive Training)は、一回のセッションで4時間程度。Lower Manhattan のスタジオまで出張講師となるため私の生活パターンは一変した。スタジオへの通勤は、クイーンズのダグラストンからフォーレストヒルズ駅まで車で15分、地下鉄Eに乗りマンハッタン51丁目のレキシントン駅下車、6番線に乗り換えユニオンスクエア駅で下車、4番線に乗り換えBowling Green駅で下車。Bowling Greenは、マンハッタン島最南端バッテリーパーク前でスタッテン・アイランド島行きフェリー乗り場最寄の駅です。


Have a nice weekend!

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