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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Review (Photos) of Randall's Island Sakura Matsuri

It was just like Disney park for today's Randall's Island Sakura Matsuri with many visitors.
The weather was perfect and there easily were more than 15,000 people gathered
for the festival. 
A country band was performing during the entire festival, and it felt festival indeed.

There were shuttles running throughout the day in the park. 


with the event organizer Ms. Eun

Deputy Consul General of Japan makes his speech.

Performance highlights:

Field is so huge and The Taiko stage and 
dance stage had own stage area.

Children sitting in the front row during our dance performance
painted in their canvas. 
At left is our Pa-ran-ku dance and the right is a dance of Shoshun no mai.
This was cutest event ever!


Picnic after dancing!

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