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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Preview of my Solo Music Concert

Happy President Day weekend!
and Happy Valentine Day!

I would like to introduce the program 
of my upcoming music concert which will be held 
at the Queens Library (Douglaston Library) 
on Feb. 20th (4:00 pm).

Please join us!


沖縄育ち (Okinawa Sodachi)

安里屋ユンタ (Asadoya Yunta)

大家 (Ufu Ya-)

てぃんさぐぬ花 (Tinsagunu Hana)

太陽の子 (Ti-danu Fa)

パラダイスうるま島 (Paradice Uruma Jima)

繁盛節(Hanjo Bushi)

めんそーれうちなーかい (Menso-re Uchinakai)

夜雨花(Taiwan folk song)

遊びションガネー (Ashibi Shongane)

春や春 (Haruya Haru)

故郷 (Furusato)

See you on Friday!

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