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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Photos of the recital

Hi, I just came back to New York last night.
Here are the photos from our recital in LA.
 Oct. 15
CA Valley
 Rehearsal day 1
Oct. 16th Rehearsal day 2
Little Tokyo
With the members of North Carolina
Lunch Time
Oct. 17th Rehearsal day 3
Oct. 18th Rehearsal day 4
Lessons with Master Hiroko Koja sensei  
Oct. 19th Rehearsal day 5
I had no time to take photo during the dress rehearsal day.
Oct. 20 Performance day
Aratani Theatre
Green room
 Jinichi sensei (Kumi Odori actor)
 Shigeo sensei (Kumi Odori actor)
Stage rehearsal
After the performance
 With my relative Reiko san visited from LV.
With musicians (Hawaii supporting performers)
Grant Murata sensei, Jun Nakama sensei and Allison Yanagi
 Photo: Ms. Jun
 With Iemoto sensei (Miyagi Nozo II) and Jin sensei
Thank you very much for joining our show!
We rehearsed at a temple in Little Tokyo

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