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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Review of the Asian-American Festival

I would like to review the Fourth Annual Hempstead Asian-American Fesitaval held yesterday.
There were many people gathered at the stage performances, but stage process got behind schedule and delayed almost one hour.
I helped at the tea ceremony booth, which was quite popular and we got a good crowd, filled all chairs. The tea ceremony served tea four times, each time took about 30 minutes.
I didn't have a chance to taste the tea.
Since the stage schedule got delayed, I went home
to change into my stage cosutme, and change my make-up and hair style.
It started to rain a bit after 3:00 pm and some audience went home before I went on stage.
I performed after Iaido (Samurai Sword), led by Ms. Deborah who offers a class at Resobox.
Their performance was very sharp and I liked it.
Ms. Deborah helped me by acting as announcer for my performance.
I appreciated her help very much.
Here are some photos from yesterday's event.
with Japanese traditional dance members

with tea ceremony staff

Opening ceremony
An Indian marching band opened the show
Japanese traditional dancer
Japanese Flower Arrangement booth
Japanese Folk Dance members rehearsing in front of the bay

waiting for my stage performance

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