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Monday, September 10, 2012

Making Stage Costumes

While New York Fashion Week is held here in New York City this week, just coincidentally, I am making my own stage costume this week and completed one costume today. I am designing and creating stage costumes like this by myself, (of course, in addition to the handbags that you can see on my website: By the way, I am not going to sell dresses, just to be clear about that. 

My costume is a combination of Nishijin Brocade and Satin fabrics, just like my hand-made handbags. 
I like the combination for a stage costume, particularly for Sanshin music performances,
where the costume's theme is East meets West. 

Nishijin brocades are used in many stage costumes, from Ryukyu Classical dance costumes to Kumi Udui and Japanese Kabuki costumes. The shiny Gold leaf fabric is perfect for the stage. 




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