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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Review of the Long Island Sakura Matsuri Part III

Okinawan dance back stage photos from yesterday's Long Island Sakura Matsuri.
Photo by Larry Fisher. All rights reserved. 

Unfortunately we have taken only video for the stage performance and have no photo of dances.

One of my student and her friend came from Boston to see our performance.

Stage Program

We had our dinner at
a Japanese restaurant in Stony Brook after the performance. 


Today, I've invited "Ryukaji" Sanshin members for my program. 
  Ryukaji members will perform their Sanshin and sing "Ume No Kaori" for my dance as 
 the first time of live music for my dance performance. 
 We also perform Sanshin and sing
 Erabu Yurino Hana and Hanjo Bushi.

Okinawan dance and music program will be shown around 3:00 pm. 
We also present Sanshin and dance workshop at the park after ourstage performance. 

Please visit Turnure Park: 20 Lake St. WP. 10603

See you all this afternoon! 

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