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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Collaboration of Ballet & Okinawan Traditional Dance

Allow me to offer a copy of an article in Ryukyu Shimpo, one of the big newspapers of Okinawa.

I truly wanted to go back to Okinawa to see this stage performance called "Ryukyu No Kaze" - "a wind of Ryukyu," in English translation which is the performance of collaboration of Ballet dancers and Okinawan traditional dancers.  Three of the top male actors/dancers/entertainers from Miyagi Ryu School, Michihiko Kakazu, Jinichi Uza and Shigeo Miyagi, are in the cast of Ryukyu No Kaze; they also perform the Kumi Odori (組踊):

In Okinawa, I think it is beautiful that Kumi Odori actors can perform with many performing arts groups and they are allowed to expand their creativity on their talents and perform from at venues ranging form local theaters to the National Theater of Kumi Odori. Okinawan performing arts are exciting to see, offering a wide range of dance and music styles, including Classical song and dance and folk dance and songs together on one stage, dynamically arranged to entertain both adults and children.

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