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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review of today's performance at the Queens Library

Today's program at the Windsor Park branch of Queens library was full with children. They had so much fun with the demonstrations of dance and music. They even demanded more dance after the program had ended, so I gave them an extra dance workshop today. Each time I get to perform at the Library, I get to find new frineds. Today's surprise was to meet with an Okinawan lady who said she lived in the neighborhood. The Okinawan lady came with her daugther. I was so happy to meet with them and they seemed enjoyed the program very much. My program is scheduled as adult education, but the children loved the program.  Dance is so international, it doesn' t really matter, children just like dancing. Each child who joined the dance workshop came to me and hugged me in the end. I wonder if they'll dream tonight of dancing. Good night! 


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